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Graduated compression

graduated compression stockings and tights by Cabifi

Nowadays graduated compression stockings and tights are absolutly essential for the well-being and the health of your legs. In addition to their look, style, and elegance, to wear the right tights is very important for your well-being, to get through the day without any problems of swelling and flow of blood.

CABIFI has produced graduated compression stockings and tights for several years, they are made with double-coated lycra for long duration.

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Preventive support

Since 1972 CABIFI has produced preventive support stockings and tights. Discover all the benefits that they are able to bring to your legs, thanks to their experience!

Preventive support stockings and tights are a great adjuvant in the prophylaxis of the circulatory diseases. The graduated compression on the legs is maximum at the ankle and decreases at the thigh, it gives a consistent and effective massage and stimulates the flow of blood in a continuous manner.

These tights are made with Lycra double-covering, they have maximum compressive strength and sealing, they are perfect for daily use and for a long period of time. An anatomical bodice ensures extra comfort and the particular heel is great for a correct positioning and a correct distribution of the compression.

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preventive support stockings and tigths by Cabifi

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